Avon (avon) wrote,

Nano update - 40% done!

I hit 20K today! At this point, this story officially has become the longest thing

I have written.  Unlike my last attempt at a longer story, where I had to pretty much drag every single word from my head with a fish hook, this story is going well. In fact, I am 20K in, and the actual story is just about to begin, in term
s of the hero's journey
The MC is about to answer the call to adventure. Until this point, everything has been set up - explaining the
world, the supporting characters, etc.  I am psyched to get her into her space ship tomorrow. :)

A few things that has become abundantly clear to me is
1) The story will be longer than 50K when I am done - winning NaNo, will only get me half way through my outline, I think.

(And then I look at that sentence and thing: What alien has kidnapped Avon - she is conteplating a 100k story!  Who knew that was even possible?)

2) The revision process on this story will be substantially different than anything else I have ever written.  It is going to need a complete and total rewrite.  I am not quite sure what that will look like, but my shorter stuff I write and polish. This is going to need a lot more work before it is time to polish.

Here is a snippet from today:

Mike walked into the common room and Vray leaned back and called him over. “Mike!” he shouted. “Are you this kid’s trainer?”

Mike looked at Skylar, took a deep breath and looked back at Vray. “What did she do now?”

Skylar frowned at Mike.  Vray said, “She says she doesn’t know how to dice.  How did you let her get away with that?”

Mike looked at Skylar.  He knew damn well she played.  She had once beat him out of a whole box of fresh berries that he’d picked at his family’s garden.  He met her eyes, a smile in his eyes, before he turned back to Vray. He shook his head.  “She’s a tough case,” he said. “She’s a natural with the ship, but not so good with people.  I tried to teach her back when she was new, but she just couldn’t keep track.”

It was all Skylar could do to keep a straight face.  Mike had pretty much described the opposite person than she was. She had struggled mightily to master the ship interface. Being still and focused for long times was incredibly hard for her.

“Well,” said the first pilot. “We should remedy that.  Come here, kid.”  He scooted his stool over to make room for another.  “We’ll take it easy on you.”

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