Avon (avon) wrote,

Jukebox - Another fic update

Jukebox revealed!  That means I can tell you all about the story I wrote.  It was a very hard story for me to write, in part because the song it is based on makes a minimal amount of sense.  Anyway, here it is.

Scared (5561 words) by spiderfire
Fandom: Scared - The Tragically Hip
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Additional Tags: Jukebox Fanworks Exchange, Apologies to Supernatural, Apologies to C.S. Lewis and The Screwtape Letters, Apologies to Dante, Moral Lessons, I hope this makes at least as much sense as the song, which is a pretty low bar

Albert Gutmann had no idea what he was getting into when he decided to try to barter for Joe Belial's soul.

I also got two amazing gifts!!!  (A treat! I got a treat!)

No Fairytale Endings Here (1403 words) by sweetcarolanne
Fandom: Don't Stand So Close to Me - The Police (Song)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Implied Childhood Sexual Abuse, Creepy, Disturbing Themes, Angst, Schoolgirls, Fantasy, Regret, Gossip, Lies, Crushes, Swearing, Teacher-Student Relationship, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, No Sex

It wasn't supposed to be like this... her romantic fantasies about her handsome young teacher had all gone wrong, and she didn't want this anymore.

Be and Be not Afraid (1587 words) by karrenia_rune
Fandom: 100 Years-Five for Fighting(song)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Original Characters
Additional Tags: Gift Exchange, Inspired by Music, Fic or Treat Meme

As an adult with two kids of her own a young woman named Sally comes back to her roots in Brooklyn, New York to interview her paternal grandmother and learns a great deal more about herself and her family than she ever expected.

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