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2016 writing round up

2016 was a different sort of writing year for me.  I posted just 10 fanfics this year for a total of 36K of words, but I wrote nearly 200k - which is a lot for me. Most of it was in original works - the novel project I am working on and a variety of short stories that I have submitted various places (and had rejected - oh well).

Thanks to getyourwordsout, I have tracked both my words and my writing days this year and I have some cool graphs.  The first one shows my YTD wordcount in blue and my goal (150K) in red.  The month where the blue line takes off is thanks to NaNo! I wrote a total of 193,214 words!

My second graph shows the number of days I wrote in green. The purple like is the 1-1 line.  I wrote SOMETHING for a total of 262 days in 2016 or about 71% of the days I wrote.  Go me. :)

And finally, this year's wordle. Since I posted so little, this was made using all of my writing for this year. Skylar is the main character in the novel, Madison, Morgan/MRGN, Avery and Quin are other characters in that project. Maria and Moesha are vampire hunters and the main characters in another story I wrote.  Words I clearly overuse: back, one, around, looked, time, like, going, get, just, like...

Writing Goals for 2017:
1) Finish the first draft of the novel (about 10K to go!)
2) Do a second draft of the novel. (This will require revising and adding to my character sketches and worldbuilding docs, as well as a complete rewrite)
3) Participate in (at least) jukebox_fest,not_primetime and yuletide.
4) Do something in each of the MCU and Les Mis fandoms. (Exchanges? Finish WIP? Something new? TBD)
5) Write a NYR fic for a microfandom where the main character is this awesome hero/villian sociopath.
6) Submit some stories.  Maybe revise Maria and Moesha (the vampire hunters) and try again on that story, somewhere else.  Maybe some flash fiction.  
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