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NaNo - Made it!

I am now 2/3 of the way through my story, roughly, but:

Here is a wordle of the story so far:

And here are the words that got me there.

<The yellow is a deposit of raw trisiunium nitrate,  the blue is chlorimate. They can be reacted to make fuel.>

“How does that help?” Skylar asked, as a vague memory of the chemistry she had had to study as a second year cadet, stirred in her mind.

<The engines can be run backwards,> MRGN reminded her.

Skylar blinked, pushing over to look at the map.  “I can use the burn chamber as a reaction chamber,” Skylar said, remembering the process.  “We can make our own fuel.”

MRGN zoomed in on a region of the map.  There was a blotch of blue overlapping with a blotch of yellow to make a region of green.  <There is a place where both minerals can be found.>

“We can make our own fuel,” Skylar said.  “We can go home.”

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