Avon (avon) wrote,

NaNo - 40K! 80% done!

Today, I hit 40K! 10K to go.  I can do it!

The rough draft won't be done, but that's okay.


The walk over to Common three took a while.  The main corridor got increasingly crowded as they walked, filled with colorfully dressed people, mostly in casual clothes, not uniforms.  There were groups gathered together talking, there were musicians on the street performing. There were two Dohi who did a tumbling thing together that was kind of incredible to watch. There was a group of Rendann singing a bawdy song. Skylar didn’t recognize any of the lyrics, but she knew the tune, and she knew that it involved verses where each one was more improbable than the last.  There was an undercurrent of hilarity, of panic beneath it all. At one point, Madison suggested that they swing over to a side corridor so they could get there faster, but Skylar refused. Adventure begins at home, she reminded herself, twisting the bracelet around her wrist.  She needed to see home. To soak it in.

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