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NaNo update - 30K!!!!!!

When I started NaNo - I thought a goal of 1K a day was pretty ambitous (considering up until that point, thanks to getyourwordsout I had been averaging about 400 words a day).  However, I am exactly on pace to win NaNo - averaging 1.6-1.7 words a day so far this month.

At 30K I also hit the end of the first disaster section of the story. Skylar, my main character, went out on a mission, that mission went badly awry.  Here are a few (very rough) words from when she is saved from certain death.


The next time Skylar woke up, she was warm.  She was in a bed.  Well, sort of. She was laying down, with webbing stretched across her, giving her a sense of the bed pressing against her, but her arms were floating by her sides.  She opened her eyes.  It was bright. She closed her eyes again and tried to remember what happened.  She and Morgan had run out of fuel, run out of air. She had been so, so cold. She had thought she was going to die.
A familiar voice said, “Hey, are you waking up, Sky?”

She opened her eyes again. The glare was no so bad this time.  A figure in light green hovered by her side.  She blinked her eyes and Quin came into focus.

“Hey,” he said with a smile.

It slowly began to dawn on Skylar that she was alive.  “What happened?” she asked, her voice coming out in a croak. Her lips were very chapped and cracked.

Quin picked up a bulb of water and brought it over to her, holding the straw up to her lips. “Here,” he said.

She took a sip and the cool water tasted so good.  She she tried to grip the bulb in her hands, but her fingers were shaking so badly they slipped off. “You are still weak,” Quin said.

With a wet tongue she licked her lips.  They stung.  “What happened,” she asked again.

“You are on the Caron,” Quin said.  “We picked up your beacon and found you adrift.”

“It worked?” Skylar said.

“The beacon worked,” Quin agreed.  “After control lost contact with you six days ago, we were sent out to look for you.  Caron is on scout support, and we found you about a lightyear short of Spero, and about half a lightyear behind where you should have been.”

“Six days?” Skylar said.  Oh, god.  Madison must be beside herself. And her parents.

“Six days,” Quin confirmed.

“Navigation was out,” Skylar said.

“Yeah.  The entire communications array was torn off its mountings and dangling from the hull by a few wires.  How did you do that?”

“Collided with a comet, coming out of supra light.”

Quin shook his head. “You got lucky,” Quin said.
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