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NaNo - 20% done!

I hit 11K today! Although some of that I copied and pasted from my character sketches that I wrote before november so I am only going to claim 10K  or so.

Here, have a few words from the the end of the openning sequence.


Avery and Quin walked side by side through the throng, with Madison and Skylar following.  “How is Avery doing?” Skylar asked.

Madison shrugged. “Tracy is a shit,” she said.  “He had a huge fight with Avery last night.”  These days, Avery had dinner with Madison’s family, nearly every day.  “Avery was mortified afterwards.”

“Oh,” Skylar said.  Tracy was a few years older than Madison and he clearly had gotten all the looks in the family.  Avery had been looking up to him for years and recently that mentorship had turned into open adoration that made Tracy uncomfortable.  “What a terrible day it must have been for him.”

“Yeah,” Madison agreed.  “Look.”

Quin and Avery were walking close enough that their shoulders touched. “Do you think?” Skylar asked.

Madison shook her head with a trace of a smile.  “I have no idea.”

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