Avon (avon) wrote,

Another rejection letter!

So, I am trying to decide - do I submit this story somewhere else - or do I post it?  I might try one more submission and then just post it. We'll see.

I realized I never posted my April writing summary.  April was kind of a disaster word-count wise, but I did make some reasonable story progress.  I finished a draft of my les mis bb and I wrote a (very short) story for the Be The First challenge.  I did not manage anything for MCU, but I still havent seen The Thing so maybe I will. We'll see.

I am currently tearing my hair out as I work on my jukebox fic.  The song makes no sense.

Worldbuilding June is coming up over on tumblr, so I am going to try and dig into Spero again and flesh out the world.  The kids will be at Girl Scout Camp the week of July 17, so I am going to try and have another installment of the story ready for then.
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