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Fic: Sympathy Call

So, back when I was in college, my girlfriend's boyfriend, introduced me to Daniel Keys Moran's Continuing Time books.  I love these books.  Adore them.  They are possibly my all time favorite books.  I scour used book stores and whenever I find them (increasingly rarely these days) I snatch them up so I can give copies to people.

DKM has released bits and pieces of unpublished books so he sort of fanfics himself.  I have nominated the books for yuletide for a couple years, and I will continue to nominate it.  However, there is no fic.  So, when the btfchallenge appeared - thought - why not?

So, here is my poor offering to be the first, and currently only story in the Continuing Time fandom.  Please, someone write some stuff so my story is less lonely? :)

Sympathy Call (907 words) by spiderfire
Fandom: Continuing Time - Daniel Keys Moran, Emerald Eyes - Daniel Keys Moran
Characters: Carl Casternavas, Albert DeNostri, Jacqueline DeNostri
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Canonical Character Death, Missing Scene

Summary: Carl Casternavas calls Albert DeNostri to tell him that Jacqueline DeNostri has died.
Tags: my writing, writing
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