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Sunday, February 21st, 2016
9:06 am - For my reference
Delayed Due dates
Seeing Color - Due August 3
marvel_bang - 80% complete - August 24

Darkest night sign ups July 29-Aug12 works due Sept 19

Things I have submitted original stories to
James White Award at the end of January (Had Things Gone Differently -
Did not make the long list.)
Daily Science Fiction on 2/19 (Wings/Dame Nyx -
Rejected 3/4)
Beyond Ourselves - March 1 (Maria and Moesha) (I am so lame - there is a page where I can check it's status - I check it like a dozen times a day. - Rejected 5/13)

Goal for June July- Submit Beyond ourselves somewhere else and work on Spero

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
11:42 am
Shoot me now. My daughters googled me and found me on that oh so useful site: ratemyteachers.com

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
9:06 am - Anyone want to give me some feedback?
I am working on a novel.  I think most of you know that because I talked about World Building June over on tumblr before.  The novel is nominally a present for my kids, but I suspect they will graduate college before it is done. Anyway.

I am struggling with the outline.  I am not trying for anything innovative - basic hero's journey/three act structure is my goal.  I am trying to use the snowflake method of outlining and I would love some feedback.

Here is the one sentence summary: A young scout searches for a home for her people.

The next step is to write a paragraph summary.  Five sentences.  First sentence is the setting, then three disasters and the conclusion.  In terms of the three act structure, the first disaster is the end of the first act, the second is the midpoint of the second act, the third is the end of the second act and the conclusion is the third act.  I have two ideas.

Idea #1:The G.Is.S. Spero is a vast generation ship that has been traveling between the stars for thousands of years.  (1)Systems can only be repaired so many times, and the hull breech was both tragic and inevitable.  (2) Desperate to repair the ship, scouts are sent on dangerous missions which result in injuries and deaths.  (3) Defying orders, Skylar takes risks and gets injured, looking for a home.  (C) With help from her friends, she gets back out there and finds a planet.

However, it occured to me after I wrote this, that my main character, Skylar the scout, does not really have much agency until Disaster #3 and maybe that is too late.  So then I thought, what if I move the hull breech tragedy into the backstory?

Idea #2:
The G.Is.S. Spero is a slowly failing, vast generation ship that has been traveling between the stars for thousands of years. (1) Desperate to repair the ship, scouts are sent on a dangerous, risky mission which result in injuries and deaths.  (2) Skylar, realizing the ship needs to be scrapped not repaired, pushes the range of her scout ship resulting in her having insufficient resources to get back. (3) Trying to repair the ship, Skylar crashes on a planet.  (C) Once she gets back in space, her scanner picks up the planet of their dreams.

This moves Skylar's agency forward to disaster #2 and it more closely aligns with the hero's journey model.  However, it reduces the role of the supporting cast substantially because for the majority of Act 2 and 3, Skylar will be off on her own with only "radio" contact back home.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Thursday, June 9th, 2016
9:56 pm - Jukebox - Another fic update
Jukebox revealed!  That means I can tell you all about the story I wrote.  It was a very hard story for me to write, in part because the song it is based on makes a minimal amount of sense.  Anyway, here it is.

Scared (5561 words) by spiderfire
Fandom: Scared - The Tragically Hip
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Additional Tags: Jukebox Fanworks Exchange, Apologies to Supernatural, Apologies to C.S. Lewis and The Screwtape Letters, Apologies to Dante, Moral Lessons, I hope this makes at least as much sense as the song, which is a pretty low bar

Albert Gutmann had no idea what he was getting into when he decided to try to barter for Joe Belial's soul.

I also got two amazing gifts!!!  (A treat! I got a treat!)

No Fairytale Endings Here (1403 words) by sweetcarolanne
Fandom: Don't Stand So Close to Me - The Police (Song)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Implied Childhood Sexual Abuse, Creepy, Disturbing Themes, Angst, Schoolgirls, Fantasy, Regret, Gossip, Lies, Crushes, Swearing, Teacher-Student Relationship, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, No Sex

It wasn't supposed to be like this... her romantic fantasies about her handsome young teacher had all gone wrong, and she didn't want this anymore.

Be and Be not Afraid (1587 words) by karrenia_rune
Fandom: 100 Years-Five for Fighting(song)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Original Characters
Additional Tags: Gift Exchange, Inspired by Music, Fic or Treat Meme

As an adult with two kids of her own a young woman named Sally comes back to her roots in Brooklyn, New York to interview her paternal grandmother and learns a great deal more about herself and her family than she ever expected.

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Monday, June 6th, 2016
9:29 pm - Writing update!
1) My Les Mis bang fic got posted!

The year is 1976 (9210 words) by spiderfire, Chrissy24601
Chapters: 16/16
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
Relationships: Javert & Jean Valjean
Characters: Jean Valjean, Javert (Les Misérables), Fantine (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Historical, Montreuil-sur-Mer, Alternate Universe - 1970s, Canon-Typical Violence, Period-Typical Sexism, Les Mis Across History, Big Bang Challenge, POV Multiple, Many Many OCs, race bent characters, Male Character of Color, Female Character of Color, chromatic big bang
Series: Part 2 of Les Mis / Civil rights

The year is 1976 and Madeleine has been in Montrey-by-the-Sea for four years. One day, a man accidentally drives his car into the front of a popular pizza place.

Check out the beatiful art Chrissy did! This was a bit of an adventure in multiple POV storytelling. I tried something different than before, with the perspective hopping from one person to another.  I'd love thoughts and feedback!

2) I am doing World Building June over on Tumblr.  I am working on a world I call Spero, for now. It is an original science fiction world that I am hoping to tell a YA novel-length story for my kids in.  The setting is in a generation ship, 100 generations after they left their home planet.

I started writing them a story last summer, having done none of the world building work, just discovering as I went along.  Unsurprisingly, I got stuck.  So I tried again earlier this year. I found some good ideas, but I got stuck again. When I finish this, I am going to formally write up my main characters and then try again.  :) Anyway, here is what I have so far
Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Geography
Day 3: People and Races
Day 4: Cultures
Day 5: History
Day 6: Civilization and architecture

3) I also write some ridiculous CA:CW physics meta.

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Friday, May 13th, 2016
9:41 pm - Another rejection letter!

So, I am trying to decide - do I submit this story somewhere else - or do I post it?  I might try one more submission and then just post it. We'll see.

I realized I never posted my April writing summary.  April was kind of a disaster word-count wise, but I did make some reasonable story progress.  I finished a draft of my les mis bb and I wrote a (very short) story for the Be The First challenge.  I did not manage anything for MCU, but I still havent seen The Thing so maybe I will. We'll see.

I am currently tearing my hair out as I work on my jukebox fic.  The song makes no sense.

Worldbuilding June is coming up over on tumblr, so I am going to try and dig into Spero again and flesh out the world.  The kids will be at Girl Scout Camp the week of July 17, so I am going to try and have another installment of the story ready for then.

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Sunday, May 1st, 2016
8:54 pm - Fic: Sympathy Call
So, back when I was in college, my girlfriend's boyfriend, introduced me to Daniel Keys Moran's Continuing Time books.  I love these books.  Adore them.  They are possibly my all time favorite books.  I scour used book stores and whenever I find them (increasingly rarely these days) I snatch them up so I can give copies to people.

DKM has released bits and pieces of unpublished books so he sort of fanfics himself.  I have nominated the books for yuletide for a couple years, and I will continue to nominate it.  However, there is no fic.  So, when the btfchallenge appeared - thought - why not?

So, here is my poor offering to be the first, and currently only story in the Continuing Time fandom.  Please, someone write some stuff so my story is less lonely? :)

Sympathy Call (907 words) by spiderfire
Fandom: Continuing Time - Daniel Keys Moran, Emerald Eyes - Daniel Keys Moran
Characters: Carl Casternavas, Albert DeNostri, Jacqueline DeNostri
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Canonical Character Death, Missing Scene

Summary: Carl Casternavas calls Albert DeNostri to tell him that Jacqueline DeNostri has died.

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Thursday, March 31st, 2016
9:26 pm
Well, March was a bit of a disaster writing wise.  Lots of days where I wrote nothing.  For a couple of reasons I think
- the cold lingered for-ever
- I had a big push to get the vampire story turned in and the let down after
- March is my least favorite month of the year. :(

Here is the graph - I finished the month down a couple thousand words - which is recoverable. Hopefully April will get better. It usually does.

Here were my writing goals for March:
1) Draft my Les Mis BB.

HA!  I say. HA!  I have half of it roughed out.  It resulted in the most ridiculous map to keep track of all of the characters.

2) Draft a story for the btfchallenge. I am planning on doing something for the Continuing Time series.  Cause I love it dearly.  And I have been asking for it in Yuletide and no one has bit. :p

Well, that didn't work out.

Goals for April

1) Finish the Les Mis BB
2) Start thinking about what I get for jjukebox_fest and npt_admin
3) Go back to spero
4) Maybe write one more hydra fic before CA:CW - maybe something short. I think this longfic that I have been working on is killing my muse. 

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Friday, March 4th, 2016
8:57 pm - My first rejection letter!
Entry #1 in my collection! ;)

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
9:47 pm - February Writing Report
February got off to a great start.  I was writing every day, I had some days with really good workcounts (for me, anyway - my best days are like esteliel's bad days), I was working on an original vampire hunting story that turned out to be a ton of fun to write (and a huge thanks to lousy_science and lsl for the beta reads!  The story I submitted wound up being 10% shorter than the story I started with, and that was a really good thing for the pacing and structure of the story.)

The second half of February, though, I got clobbered by a cold.  Check out the graph. Two weeks of GREAT WRITING followed by NOTHING.  Ack.  I am still catching up at work and I am not quite up to speed yet.  BUT tomorrow I get to go to another day of the Flash Fic writing class and so that will be awesome.  A whole day devoted to writing. :D

Writing goals for March:
1) Draft my Les Mis BB.
2) Draft a story for the btfchallenge. I am planning on doing something for the Continuing Time series.  Cause I love it dearly.  And I have been asking for it in Yuletide and no one has bit. :p

I should also hear back from some of the submissions I made in January and February during March.  (bites nails!)

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
7:42 pm - Beta help?
Hi all -

I am working on an original story and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give it a read and give me some feedback. Here is a summary:

Maria and Moesha Li, identical twins in their mid-twenties, live in the Boston area. Maria’s boyfriend, Jose, is an engineering student in college and he winds up doing research in a lab that has been taken over by a vampire.

It is too bad that the vampire chose that lab, because Maria is not just Jose’s girlfriend, she and her sister are also vampire hunters. They wind up teaming up with Jose’s roommate, Chris, to save him and kill the vampire.

The story is about 9K. It is rated T for some gore and language. Thank you!

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Saturday, February 13th, 2016
9:42 pm
I got the following Bingo card from getyourwordsout. I have never done a writing bingo thing before, but I thought I would give it a try this year. Not sure if any lines are speaking to me yet, but we'll see!

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Monday, February 1st, 2016
8:36 pm - January writing report

This year, in addition to the Write Every Day crew, I joined the getyourwordsout lj community with a goal of writing 150,000 words this year. I am not sure about how realistic that is - but I expect it is emminantly doable. In the past I have posted 80k-100k a year on ao3, but that does not include the words that I wrote and deleted or wrote and never posted. So, so far pretty cool.

Anyway, above you see my graph for January so I am right on track! I had three days where I wrote zero words. I wrote and posted a fic for Minority Report (and started another one but it is not posted), I added a chapter to a hydra agent OC fic, I wrote a draft (a terrible icky draft) of Chapter 1 and half of chapter 2 of Spero - the working title for my MG space fic that is for my kids, I wrote a bunch of flashfic for a class I took, one of which I will be submitting to Daily Science Fiction sometime maybe in the next month, and I started a story for this: http://sevenscribes.com/announcing-the-seven-scribes-fiction-call/. That one is an original vampire hunting story. (Clearly I am watching too much Supernatural) We'll see if I can get that to gel.

I also got scrivener ! Officially I got it for a work project but ... ;) And I am really liking working in that. The Beyond Ourselves story is in scrivener. I have not moved Spero into it yet.

And the best part?  This tracking thing is really neat. Unlike the last couple of years when I got into a post-Yuletide funk that I did not get out of until NPT, this year I am feeling pretty good about writing.  And another cool part- it occured to me somewhere in the last year I went from thinking of myself as someone who writes stories sometimes, to being a writer.   I am not sure when that happened, but trying to write every day has made a huge difference in my perception of me. so that is kinda cool!

Looking forward, things I am eying.

Beyond Ourselves - Due March 1
jukebox_fest Due - due May 28

Les mis BB
24-31st Feb 2016: Writers check-in
27th Mar 2016: Rough drafts and summaries due (at least 50% complete)
28th May 2016: Posting starts!

current mood: accomplished

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Friday, January 1st, 2016
8:36 pm - Yuletide!
For yuletide, I got this awesome little story about several of the characters in the song "88 lines about 44 women". It's called Anywhere.

I also wrote three things - two for the same prompt. They asked for TJ from Political Animals happy. Ha, I say. I don't do happy. So this is what I wrote:
-Step 12 is a crossover with West Wing - John Hoynes is TJ's sponsor.
-What they don't tell you is an explicit (really, I don't write explicit but here I am writing it...) one night stand between TJ and Dana from Sport's Night. What was I thinking?

And finally, I went back to Graveyard book and wrote a treat
-Intentions in which Bod returns to the graveyard some ten years after the book ends.

And just one recc - This American Life episode 141 is an amazing send up on the NPR show and it explores tells stories of Steve Rogers, Herminoine Granger and Susan Pevensies. It is amazing.

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2015
9:49 pm - 2015 writing round up
I posted 22 stories this year, for a total of around 80K words in 18 different fandoms (to be fair, many of those stories are crossovers in multiple fandoms or closely related fandoms - half are in one part of the MCU or another). I wrote some long stories (for me) with my Marvel Bang fic (about Zola) coming in around 20K and my fic for Jukebox coming in around 13K. Here is a wordle of my posted fic this year. I am immensely amused that "looked" "back" are my most commonly used words.

Many of the stories I wrote were inches from original fic. They are outsider POV stories or they focus on profoundly minor characters. I wrote a fair number of stories where a canonical bad guy is taking the role of the protagonist of the story. That has been an interesting ride, though it does not make for fic that many people are interested in reading.

Writing plans for the next year:
1) Do fewer exchanges - I did a LOT of exchanges this year. Many of them were awesome, one was terrible. I'll do jukebox_fest and yuletide for sure. Maybe npt_admin, but I will probably stay out of the little ones.

2) Post at least 2-3 things in the Les Mis fandom and 2-3 things in MCU fandom. (Currently planning on doing the Les Mis bang and I have a Les Mis WIP that I seem to post about a chapter a year on, so that needs to be updated!) After CA:CW, we'll see what I feel about MCU. I am not done with Hydra. (Also - recently discovered Minority Report - like Pretender - all my favorite themes. The question is - will I write in them? Time will tell.)

3) Work on original fic Part 1 - I am taking a flashfic class (!!) and I will be writing a series of short things. I am going to try and polish a few of them up to submit to Daily Science Fiction. Cause, why not?? Goal: 4 stories submitted. (I'll get rejection letters! That will make me a real writer!)

4) Work on original fic - Part 2 - Last summer I wrote a serial style story for my kids while they were at sleepaway camp. It was one story told from three different POV. This year I want to take that story and rework it as a YA/MG novel. For them, but wouldn't it be fun to write a novel??? I think so. I figure my goal is about 40k, but since that is a daunting number, I am going to try and think of it as 10 3-5 k chapters and I think I can manage that.

Finally, I hope to continue to participate with the Write Every Day crew - you all are the best! and the superhero_muses community. I am also going to try getyourwordsout challenge. (Can't get the lj links to work on superhero_muses and getyourwordsout - not sure why.)

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Friday, November 13th, 2015
10:10 pm - Fic: Cybernetics
My writing project for the last bit has been the marvel_bang. In my "summer of villainy" kick, I decided to explore canon Zola. So, here is what I came up with. I had the fortune to work with neurovickya as an artist and made some amazing things. Check out the links below!

Title: Cybernetics
Author name: Spiderfire
Beta name: Bienfilatre
Characters/Pairing: Zola with appearances by Johann Schmidt, Peggy Carter, Chester Phillips, Steve Rogers, Gabe Jones, Howling Commandos, Johann Fennhoff, Daniel Whitehall and Bucky Barnes
Fandom/Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe - drawing from Captain America movies, Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter
Rating: PG
Word count: 20,057 (!!)
Warnings: Canon typical violence, period typical racism
Summary: A week or so before Hydra’s final offensive, Arnim Zola is supervising the loading of weapons and supplies onto a train to transport them to Hydra HQ. One thing after another goes wrong. The train leaves late. There is traffic on the tracks. And then, the Howling Commandoes turn up. The change in his fortunes is devastating, and yet, within this tremendous defeat, is an opportunity for a new triumph.

This story follows the canon from shortly before the train scene in CA:TFA through to the last scene from Agent Carter, told from Zola’s perspective.

Fanworker name: neurovickya
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: http://neurovicky.tumblr.com/post/133090402284/my-art-for-cybernetics-by-spiderfire47-for-the

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Sunday, November 1st, 2015
9:27 pm - Write every day - October summary
Well, October has come and gone. Yuletide assignments are out. I can not believe it.

Anyway, here's the final post for October. Thank you all for being my enablers and cheering squad. See you over at navaan's. :)

Oooh - and I did that I Write like website - I put in a variety of things, but William Gibson comes up a lot for my stories. As does Stephen King and Dan Brown. None of whom are writers I read much of, so, go figure.

Who wrote?

Round up the usual suspects...Collapse )
Day 29: avon, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 30: avon, plaid_slytherin, esteliel,navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 31: avon, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland

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Saturday, October 31st, 2015
9:33 pm - Write every day - October Edition - Day #31
oooh. oooh. Trick or treat just revealed and the person whom I wrote the fics (plural) for wrote a nice comments on both. So, bounce! :)

Anyway. It was an insanely long day and tomorrow is not going to be any better. Today was the sort of day that stories don't get written about, but they should, cause today I got to be a hero for someone who needed help. Not superhero hero, there was no punching of busses, but it felt pretty super to me. So, yay.

As a result, the closest I got to writing was canon review (playing the TV series on my phone as I was making breakfast) and brainstorming for yuletide. I really want to do a crossover since my recip suggested it but getting these two characters together....Oh, and I thought about the story I am going to write for my kids for christmas (or, really, I am going to continue it. they got the first installment for summer camp.) No actual words tho.

Off to go comment on the the gift I got for trick or treat. It's an adorable Howling Commandoes Ghost story. :)

Finally, thanks to all of you for playing! I will post a final summary tomorrow. After that we are off to navaan's for November!

Who wrote?

Round up the usual suspects...Collapse )
Day 25: avon, afrozenflowerr, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 26: avon, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 27: avon, afrozenflowerr, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 28: avon, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 29: avon, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 30: avon, plaid_slytherin, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland

Remember - Everyone is welcome! You can drop in or drop out. If you wrote yesterday and I missed you, let me know and I will add you in.

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Friday, October 30th, 2015
11:02 pm - Write every day - October Edition - Day #30
Lookee lookee - I caught up on the tallies.

Wrote more at work today. And graded a ton of papers. So, that's cool. Ton more to go.

Pondering my yuletide prompt. I matched on one fandom, but they have another request that is a fandom I have never written but I know the source material. And, they said that AUs and crossovers are cool. So, now happily rewatching the two TV shows and considering a crossover. However, what is it with these recips who want happy endings. :p

Alibi sentence today for me. Posting date for my BB is less than two weeks away. Yikes.

Who wrote?

Round up the usual suspects...Collapse )
Day 25: avon, afrozenflowerr, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 26: avon, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 27: avon, afrozenflowerr, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 28: avon, plaid_slytherin, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland
Day 29: avon, esteliel, navaan, trobadora, miss_morland

Remember - Everyone is welcome! You can drop in or drop out. If you wrote yesterday and I missed you, let me know and I will add you in.

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Thursday, October 29th, 2015
10:39 pm - Write every day - October Edition - Day #29
I did some editing on the trick or treat fics, so they are done. Also wrote a bunch for work. Tomorrow I am back to the BB editing.

AND I went through and replied to like 100 comments! But I am delighted to announce that we have tentative volunteer hosts for the next three months! navaan will do November, afrozenflowerr will do December and trobadora will do January. (I am totally psyched to have this going into next year. I tend to have a post Yuletide writing slump so I am looking forward to the support network.)

Now that I took an hour or more (admittedly, while watching SPN - Aw Cas...) replying to comments, its too late to update the tally. I will do THAT tomorrow. :)

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